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The Unlikely Antidote to Liberal Fascist v Conservative Fascist

"We exist in societies of increasingly organised totalitarian extremism, divided and bewildered and allowed only grossly limited access to those institutions empowered to rule our daily lives." The most significant disconnect between voters and those elected into positions of power and influence is not disinterest but disassociation. Democracy has an obvious weakness when an electorate [...]

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God’s Crossroad

​Proto-religious holy places like shrines and temples were first built or carved around spectacular / singular geographical features like forest glades and rock outcrops. Natural for a non-urban civilisation. Hinduism and Shinto remain loyal to this lineage. Christianity and Islam are urban religions, very deliberately making their churches and mosques inside cities or as austere [...]

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The unseen Gothic of Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre sits comfortably in various categories, if one needs to label such a singular work. It has as much right as any great work to “Gothic”. The other answers (at time of writing) are useful study-note primers but to really engage Jane Eyre close to Charlotte Bronte’s own world, I think one needs to [...]

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Guardians of Faith and Holy Books

The very urgency of a human being’s need to make sense of the unknown, to give purpose to our gadfly lifespan and cope with death - a definite flaw in the religious crutch - because denying the inevitability of one day being swept away, hopes and dreams and loves and achievements factoring nothing against total [...]

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We the People: Orwell and America’s “proles”.

Compare Orwell’s vision of “proles” with the contemporary proletariat, particularly in an America of Trump and wilfully disconnected echo chambers: America isn’t a nation of proles in the manner of Orwell’s lumpen proletariat. Society moves on, albeit at a snail’s pace, and though Orwell’s vision is incredibly apposite in so many ways, the growing pains [...]

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